Friday, September 22, 2006

tHE cREAtuR film

The film is progressively moving forward. The rough trailer that was shown, is being re-edited and fine tuned as i write this. This project is my main focus right now has been in the works since 2003. i think its my longest project i ever dedicated my self to (so far). and we still have alot of shit to do before anyone can pop it into there DVD player and just watch it.

Re-Shooting starts in Decenber of 2006 for a scheduled 14 days shoot. I'll be there for 21 days to make sure everything gets covered and so we can shoot at a more relaxing schedule. last year we shot aggresively - every day - for 60 days. But we finished 75% of the film. I hope we finish principle photography this year 'coz filming this thing is a bitch!

----- another cold day of filming. digital footage from 'cREaTur'-----

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