Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CA'BOYZ....one of these days i'll do this book. but, these designs are still too out there for what i have in mind. too anime, even tho' im lookin at anime for inspiration. one thing i like is the intertwining fabrics, i just gotta simplify.

SKWERL....learning that classic animation style...been looking...okay watching alot of tom and jerry..man, stuff never old.

PAW....the head piece is gonna go but i couldnt resist. the rest would probably stay for the cowboy book. im color testing this one so its in progress.

RYU....just watched a street fighter cartoon and bought back an oooold idea from my first 'superhero' comicbook. im gathering some idea's from that concept and bringin' back but i dont have any plans to do a book on 'em...just fun. plus im gonna finish coloring it.

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