Monday, July 13, 2009

Furlee : "Brown Baby"

This is a music video that we shot November '08 for my friend Albert and a young Chicago MC named Furlee, who previously recorded an album with his partner Roper under the group name "The Landlords".

We shot the video, again on our 16mm Bolex. I will be helping promote Furlee in the coming months with this video and designing his album cover. I really like Furlee's style of hip hop, his flow and what he talks about, which made it that much easier to working with him-plus the fact we're from the same district of Chicago where i grew up. check it out!.....for those in the know, dont ask about the movie. we are at the final stretch (which we know, the beggining and end of a project is the toughest) and have prioritized completing it this October for early submissions for 2010 film fest season. wish us luck!

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